Polystyrene Microsphere Solutions

Microspheres are used as an aerosol challenge to test filter integrity at the filter manufacturer and in situ in cleanroom installation. Microspheres are specified where oils or oil vapor / outgassing are considered Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMC).

Polystyrene Stock Solutions for Ultrasonic Generators

The Milholland Microsphere Stock Solution is convenient and easy to use. Simply add 50ml to 3.8 liters (one US gallon) of DI water and add to generator. 500ml of stock solution makes 10 gallons (38 liters) of test solution.

Polystyrene Stock Solutions Spec Sheet

Please contact us to purchase the microsphere solutions.  We want to make sure they are appropriate for your application and that the lead time is acceptable if the item is not currently in stock.

** The nominal mean microsphere diameter is stated in the product listing. The actual mean diameter may vary slightly from lot to lot.

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